One Week!

It’s Friday and there are 5 work days left.  Mainly I’m euphoric, but there is a little part that is still worried.  I think I’m holding in my excitement not wanting to jinx anything, yes I’m superstitious.  I’m waiting for something to come up that’s going to put a wrench in everything, so if I’m quiet maybe whatever  “it is”, will just pass me by.    On Wednesday I was feeling left out, and rather down in the dumps for the day.  But today I know I’m being left out and I’m OK with that.    My husband is wondering why though I’m the one still there at 5PM when all others have left early.  It’s my own fault, I admit it!  So there is no one to get mad at but myself.  One more week……..

So in one more week there will be no more work tales, but what I will be sharing are the wonderful trips we will be taking.  I don’t let grass grow under me!  We’re off on vacation 2 days after I quit.  We will be taking a driving trip and although Interstate travel will be necessary we will be taking as many back roads as we can, and stop off in as many little towns as we can.  We do enjoy visiting the old town squares and courthouses and shopping in the quaint old downtown novelty stores.  Its fun talking with the shop owners and experiencing the laid back feel of the towns.  We have had some good food at some of these old family style restaurants that are on or near a town square.  We have some planned destinations, but mostly if we see something we will stop.

When younger, although we traveled a lot, the thrill was not in the journey, but in the “I’m there”, and getting to the next place as fast as we could.  One thing I have learned getting older is that life is not a race to the end, but it’s the life experiences, friendships, and enjoying every phase of the journey, hoping you never get to the end, because there is always something left that you should want to do or see.  I look back and think how many years I have wasted stressing about situations on my job, missing out on life experiences because of a work commitment, or personal situations that I  “thought I would just die”, guess what I didn’t.  I certainly won’t have a chance to go back and do it over, but I realize that whatever I encounter for the rest of my living days I need to stop being the worrier that I have been, and put me and my family first.  Worrying doesn’t stop the outcome from happening, but can impact the outcome in a negative way.  I’m going to make myself and my husband priority, and then if I choose to go back to work, at some time, I will be a good employee during work hours, but that’s it, no late hours, no weekends, and no way of contacting me 24/7, they can keep their phone.  You miss out on too much of life that should be more important to you.

So soon I hope to post some great photos of the places we will be seeing, and write about the sights and the exciting things we have seen and the wonderful experiences we encounter along the road.  For this trip our destination is to visit family, which is a great way to start off on my new road that I’m traveling.


2 thoughts on “One Week!

  1. I had some of the very same worries. Job stress is a killer. I’m sure you will enjoy your retirement. I am very happy for you.

  2. Sometimes undesireables get in if you are not careful. My wife allowed into your site.
    We knew that you were pretty good at talking, but who knew that you were such a good writer. The blog is very insightful and very readable. I hope to follow in your footsteps when I get old enough to retire. Jim Chew

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