Not a very excitng day.

Not a very exciting day, but then not all days can be exciting.  Sometimes it’s just a good day when the sun is shining, when you don’t argue with your spouse, when you’re just feeling good, or in my case, starting to get organized for our upcoming trip.  Only once or twice in my life have I taken this long of a trip.  Typically it’s the usual week’s vacation, because of the limited vacation time, or that most companies really didn’t like you taking off more than a week at a time.   Most of my career has been working for small to medium size companies, and most privately held companies.  I have not come from the large Corporate world, or the Government sector, so possibly people working in those careers are sitting there thinking I’m crazy.  I have never been lucky enough to get more than 3 weeks vacation per year.  I know some have weeks and weeks, but it just didn’t work out that way for me, so the idea of an endless vacation is mind boggling.

You would think the way I’m gathering food and supplies that there are no stores in route, like you won’t find a CVS or Walgreens on every corner, or a grocery store in every town, but that’s me, planning and organizing.  I fear that will never change and I’m stuck with that for the rest of my life.

So to conclude the uneventful day, I’m going to make a bowl of popcorn and sit down with a good movie with the guy that I’m going to spend the rest of my days with.  Hope you’re evening is as exciting.

Let’s enjoy this new road.


One thought on “Not a very excitng day.

  1. Eventually, you will learn to pack less. We are so similar in many ways. I have finally learned the less you take, the better. Besides, as we get older just packing the necessary medications takes more room than you would think.

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