End of a Chapter

It’s over, it’s here, the curtain has now closed on this chapter in my life.  A decision that was made months ago is now implemented and done.  There’s no turning back only looking forward.  It was a nice day, went better than I thought as I actually made it to 1:30 before I lost my control and the tears started. When you really think about this, it’s quite silly as this was my choice, so why so emotional?  That’s me!   I spent the day cleaning my desk for my replacement, having my exit interview and saying good bye to people I have known for 3-1/2 years.  In the course of a life span that really isn’t a long time, but when you spend the majority of your time with these people day in and day out, whether you like each other or not, you develop an understanding of each other, and good or bad you accept it, because you need to so you can perform the job you were hired to do.  I hope I have made some friends along the way and the “let’s stay in contact” was not just a line, but sincere.  I received some lovely cards and gifts and if these people read this blog, thank you again.  I’ll certainly enjoy the candy (just a slight delay to the start of the diet) and Starbucks is always good.  The cards are something I will keep, yes I am truly a softie on the inside.

So now I sit here thinking I have a lot to get done tonight and tomorrow as we hit the road on Sunday.  So I have no time to wallow in my tears, it’s get my ass in gear and don’t let the grass grow under my feet.  Get up, get busy and get going, that has been my creed and I better remember it.  So the next post will be from the road as our adventure begins.

Well, maybe I’ll give myself a few more hours to wallow, then onwards to traveling down my new road.


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