On the Road……….

We’re on the road and we’re at our first stop – McAlester, OK.  Today was not a sightseeing day, but a travel day.  We left home, which is on the north side of San Antonio, and headed up I35, everyone’s favorite Interstate.  No matter what time of day this road is always congested and just a horrible drive.    The drive from San Antonio to Dallas on I35, in my opinion, is one of the worst stretches anywhere in the U.S.   Then we got to Dallas, and those drivers are crazy.  Like any big city the speed limit is 60 and they’re doing at least 70, or they think if they tailgate you’ll go faster.  I don’t miss the big city driving; it definitely is different and more aggressive then small town USA.

But to get to today we had yesterday.  Was a busy day, getting packed and limiting it knowing the entire closet full of clothes would not fit and were really not needed, but easier said than done.  You know weather in the Midwest in September can be hot, can be cold, or maybe just cool, so you must be prepared, so the final decision was take a little of everything and do the wash half way thru the trip, otherwise the 2 suitcases we do have would have turned into 3 or more.  Then we had the food bag to pack, then the ice chest, and then the family slides that we’ll be dropping off with one of the kids, and last but not least let us not forget the towels as we can’t go 3 weeks without washing the car!

Then once we completed the inside work, it was outside to cut the grass and water the bushes and all the other little things that needed finishing.  But we made it and now we’re on the road.  We’re in McAlester and if anyone heads this direction and wants some good Mexican food I’m going to suggest the restaurant we ate at tonight, Adelita’s on 270 just west of George Nigh Expressway, was a good meal at a good price.  First time I had spinach enchiladas and they were real good.

Looking forward to tomorrow, heading to Bentonville, AR.  So we’ll see what the day brings and what sights we will be seeing.  I took a few photos today and hopefully will have more tomorrow so will try to get those posted real soon.

Happy Trails down the new road I’m traveling and hope you’re traveling with me……….


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