Vacation Catch Up and Retirement Adjustments

We’ve been home almost a week now, and I think I’m finally caught up.  I find this rather interesting.  When I worked I was a very “like clockwork” type person.  I was my own energizer bunny and didn’t sit down until all that needed to get done was done.  I was current on everything and quickly worked through  whatever needed to be done.  Plus on many nights and weekends I brought work home, and was able to accomplish that also.

Now almost 1 week later I’m just getting to that point of being caught up, yet I feel I have been very busy.  Have I slowed down that much already?  Am I taking more breaks than I realize?  Am I watching more TV then I should?  I didn’t think I was, but why then are things not getting done?  I have noticed some things I am doing so maybe this is what has led to this week catch up.

Sleeping in later than I probably should, but I feel I deserve a little catch-up on the sleep thing.

Keep getting side tracked.  I am working on one thing.  Walk into another room to get something that I need to finish what I was working on, and while in the other room I start working on something new.  All of a sudden an hour is gone and I still didn’t finish the first thing.

Definitely spending more time cleaning the house.  I did take care of our house when I was working, but I can tell you it has never been cleaner than now.  It seems that every day I’m finding myself cleaning something that probably didn’t need cleaning, but I thought what the heck, get the cloth and clean it.  This is one activity that I’m glad I started as I did feel I could have been doing a better job, but there was never enough time.

I find myself walking around the yard.  Enjoying the flowers and seeing if anything needs a trim or a weed pulled.  Amazing how much time this can take up.

Going to the grocery store during the day.  This is an adventure for someone that has never shopped except for the evenings and weekends.  Just like everyone seems to be on a mission driving to work and back, shopping was like this too.  Working Mom’s, busy parents, they went to the grocery store with their lists, filled their carts and left.  Nope, not weekdays, grocery shopping is an adventure and could take hours.  I haven’t yet been able to control this, I’m still in my previous shopping mode – in and out, so this one is going to take some getting used to.

Meeting friends for lunch.  It is so amazing to sit and have lunch and not have to look at your watch to make sure you’re back to work within your allotted hour lunch time.  It’s just wonderful!

Well, that’s where I’m at now.  I haven’t gotten into any routine yet, and I know I need to, otherwise a month will be going by and I’ll wonder what I have accomplished.  I still need to start my diet and exercise routine, and I need to set some type of schedule for getting things done.  Jumping around like a jumping bean will lead to lots of things getting started but nothing finished.

I am still amazed that I seem to be making this transition so smoothly.  I have no regrets about leaving my job, I’m not bored, I’m not sad, but actually happy, and I seem to be totally enjoying “me” time, something that I’ve overlooked for years.  I am so glad I have taken the time now and have chosen this new road I am traveling.  Until next time have fun traveling your chosen road.


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