What a Surprise!

In yesterday’s post I talked about the Parade and my items I displayed at the County Fair in the Antiques and Heirlooms Exhibit Hall. I was disappointed that of the 4 items I submitted I had won nothing, zilch, nada! I also talked about me being a “middler” my entire life. I now must make a correction to this post. I picked up my items last night from the Fair and am extremely happy to report I WON A FIRST PLACE RIBBON! Yes, I have a first place ribbon. I have broken the streak. I won First Place. It took a hell of a long time, and I’m going to take my 2 minutes to say again I WON FIRST PLACE! Do you detect I’m happy about this, yes I am! I might be old and gray, but there are some things no matter what age you are that still can be exciting. And when you have been a “middler” most of your life you want to shout from the highest roof “I WON FIRST PLACE”.

OK, enough is enough. It’s out of my system, but I will tell you I finally understand the excitement of getting that first place ribbon. Once you get it, you want more. Can’t wait until next Fair season, I’m already thinking what I can submit. The next step is to get a trophy (they’re the best) so I’m going to rummage thru my stuff I have tucked away to see if there are any surprises that I can find that’s going to help me get that trophy.

I won my first place ribbon for my Grandmother’s mesh purse from around 1920. My Mom saved this for me. What’s special about this and every item that she gave me is that she wrote notes for everything and so when I look back at these items I read my Mom’s hand written note which tells me about the item. Of course when I was younger I thought that quite strange, but now that she is gone, I really appreciate the time she took and the memory it gives me. It’s funny after so many years I can still look at the hand writing and say “yep that’s Mom’s”.

Mesh purse and my First Place Ribbon

The other item I submitted was a Campbell Soup Doll from the late 50’s. When I unwrapped the doll I was amazed at how good the condition it. This was prominently displayed in the case, but it didn’t win anything. Don’t understand why, it is so cute.


Campbell Soup doll

The last two items were also given to me by my Mom and these items were hers and my Grandmothers. The curling iron dates back to 1934. My Mom wrote “My Dad used to curl my hair for Sunday Church and special occasions. Heat in flame on gas stove – test for low heat on newspaper”. and the last item was a button hook with an ivory handle dating back to the 1920’s that my Grandmother used to lace her Hi-Button boots or dresses with lots of little buttons.


Curling iron from 1934 and button hook from the 1920’s.

It was fun to go back down a road that hasn’t been traveled for a long time. For years and years these items have been wrapped up, but I realize now that’s just a waste. Although the ribbon was nice, the most important thing I received from this travel is that these items need to be displayed in my home so I remember my family, but also to be enjoyed by people who visit. So from now on, these items will never be wrapped again.

It’s a start of a new week, have a few fun things this week. Remember it’s NNO (National Night Out) on Tuesday so if you haven’t met your neighbors tomorrow is a good time. Have fun traveling your road, and as I have learned this week, it’s not always new roads that are exciting, but it’s fun to travel down the old roads once in a while. Until next time, Happy Travels



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