Back in the Saddle

You think things have changed, you think you’re different, you tell yourself that you’ve changed, but in reality you haven’t. Today was fun, a reminder of what I’m capable of, and that I am good in the business world. When you’re home every day, with no timelines, or commitments, and the most stressful thing you have to do is setup a lunch or dinner engagement, you really sort of turn to jello. That’s the best way I can explain how I feel sometime. I’m just sort of wiggling along, not fast, not slow, just wiggling. As mentioned yesterday our house has sold and some changes are occurring so there is much coordination to do. My forte, I love coordinating. My husband would put it I love supervising, but I tend to disagree. I like the coordination part of supervising, but I did not like dealing with the personality BS every day. Until I became a Supervisor I really never paid attention as to how much people whine and you just can’t make everyone happy. Happy is one owns state of mind, and I have learned over the years that there are just some people that will never be happy. I used to take this personally, but I have grown through that.

I diverge, which I’m also known for. But to get back on track or as my title says, back in the saddle. Our original closing date was 11/30, but all has been changed and now moved up to 11/19. Now that date seems a lot closer but is really 2 weeks. We will have a very busy week and it will be a short week as Thursday is Thanksgiving. I think we’re pretty much going to miss Thanksgiving this year, as that day I think will be a painting day in our new home.

So what was fun today were all the calls, and emails, and setting up appointments and coordinating with two Title companies, and two realtors, while making sure all is coordinated with the other buyer and seller. This is me in my world that I still do enjoy. It’s nice to know how quickly it all comes back. This is great to know because although I won’t be going back to work in the near future, it’s like riding a bike or getting back in the saddle, with little effort I’ll be able to take on a new position with the same zest and zeal I had. So with today’s activities nearly completed, I’m going to set aside my computer, go back to reading this really good book I’m almost done with, and wonder what type of position I will look for when I decide to get back into the saddle. Until that time, we have a lot change coming up; will be getting my exercise packing and 11/19 will be here before we know it. Enjoy your travels this weekend.  We have a wonderful excursion planned and will have photos to share.  Until next time, happy travels………..


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