The Same Old Road

OK I admit it, I made it 5 weeks than I caved in.  Yep, I did what I said I wasn’t going to do.  I sent an email to my previous boss and inquired if there was any opportunity to work part-time from home.   Now I just want to slap myself for doing this.  I have some free time now and boredom started setting in last week and I wrote the email and sent it.  When I left the end of August the accolades and the compliments were never-ending and even as far as they wanted me to stay on longer and would definitely consider me helping out part-time.   So the first time I get bored I send the email.  I didn’t even last until the end of the year.  I disappoint even myself.  I knew this wasn’t going to be a permanent retirement  but I sure expected it to last more than 5 weeks.

What’s ironic is that I got turned down.   If I didn’t go down this path I would always wonder if the opportunity existed, and possibly regret never pursuing, but now that I did, I feel that my road has been cleared and I’m ready to look forward to find new and different opportunities.  It’s always easy to fall back on something you know than to tackle something new.  It takes more effort, and is more stressful, but once you make a decision you shouldn’t look back but find your something new.  One of the things I talked about when I decided to quit that if and when I went back to work I wanted to try something new, be adventurous, spread my wings, take on new experiences, sounds good doesn’t it, but harder to implement.  It is so easy to just do what you know and forget what you are really striving for.  If I go back to doing the same thing, I might as well have stayed at my previous job, endured, and kept bringing a paycheck home.

I’m a little nervous and scared that I’m not going to find that something new, so instead of giving it a chance, I immediately fall back on the familiar.  Right now I’m aggravated with myself because I expect more of myself.  So now that I slapped my hand, pulled myself up by the boot straps, holding my head high, I’m going to put the past behind and only consider new opportunities.  I always think of the Robert Frost poem “The Road not Taken” when I get melancholy because that is where I am now.  I can keep going down the familiar road, the safe road, the road that is the easiest, but deep down that’s not what I want.  I want excitement, I want to invest myself into something that I can grow and develop with, I want to be able to go do a job that I enjoy doing each and every day, and I want to come home smiling.

It will come, whatever “it” is.  I ‘ll figure it out sometime, but it’s just not the right time, but I know the right time is out there.  I just don’t think it’s where we’re living right now.  I haven’t written about this yet, as I am truely superstitious and was waiting until we got farther along, but we’re moving!  That’s a whole new road that can’t get here fast enough and will talk about next time.  Until then I hope the road you’re on is the road you’re happy to be on,  Happy trails.

When you Least Expect It!

I was sitting around this week being somewhat bored.  I knew this was coming and although expected, when it approaches it’s still difficult to deal with.  On Saturday we went to a local Market Days and enjoyed walking by all the vendors, but right now I don’t have a thing we need to buy so although it was nice to look, one Market Days is similar to the next, and not that interesting when you’re not in a shopping mood.  After our morning outing we returned home and except for visiting with one of my neighbors for a short time, it turned into a lazy day.

We were invited to a party Saturday night, and as the day progressed and the lazier I got, all I could think of was that I really didn’t want to go.  The party was hosted by our home builder.  I know this sounds unusual, but 5 years ago we decided to build a custom home and we signed on with a local independent builder.  We thoroughly enjoyed the process and since first meeting with our builder, he periodically has parties that he invites all the people that he built their homes to an annual party at his house.  So basically it’s a party that you really don’t know anyone.  Those get-togethers can sometimes be difficult as you’re trying to find something to talk about with people that you don’t know.  The setting is lovely as they have a beautiful backyard and they really go all out.  They have a bartender, very good food and this year they had music also.  So off we went with me not expecting much.  I figured we would say Hi, have a few drinks, dinner and leave.  I was carrying my lazy attitude and feelings with me.

When you least it expect it, it happens!  We had a wonderful evening!  We met a couple that they were in the building process just a little ahead of us in a community not far from us.  They were a very pleasant couple and although we originally lived half way around the world from each other as they are from South Africa, we had so much in common.  Conversation flowed easily and what I expected to be a short evening turned out to be one of the most pleasant evenings we have had in a long time.  We exchanged emails and phone numbers and I am looking forward to meeting up with them again in the near future.

There are many times that I get lazy, and I’m sure everyone does at one time or another, what last nights experience has shown me is that you never know what waits around the next curve or corner and when you least expect something, something wonderful can happen.    So as we continue on our life travels and down our various roads, we need to approach these curves and corners not with trepidation and nonchalance, but with wonder and curiosity.  Life is an adventure, and any opportunity that comes down your road that allows you to meet new people, don’t miss it, as new friends could be there waiting for you.  Last evening has helped me push these blues away and I’m reving back up for my next curve in the road.  To happy travels this week.

What Day Is It?

It’s Friday!    When I was working the goal on Monday morning was to get to Friday afternoon and all week long looked forward to the next weekend.  I used to check what was happening around town and plan for our weekend excursions.  Couldn’t wait to have a day of freedom to hit the road.  Our weekends were spent going to local festivals, market days, and traveled to the surrounding small towns for the local shopping and restaraunts.

I have been told by many that now it shouldn’t matter as one day is just like the next, and you can do any of these things any time or day you want, but I must have an internal clock that has been programmed for over 30 years that Monday thru Friday is different from Saturday and Sunday.  I’m going to have to work on this one a little longer as I still know what day of the week is, and I know the actual date.  I hear that as time progresses and the longer you’re off the days just blend together, so I’ll let you know when I get there, some habits are just harder to break than others.

I have to admit this week is the first time that I have felt bored.  I knew this was coming, just didn’t know when.   I should have gone out and done something, but my laziness won out and as the week went on, I became a little more sad, but it’s now late Friday, and because I have that silly little clock that still is saying “it’s the weekend” all is OK.  We don’t have any specific plans, but going to check the event calendar and see what’s going on in the area.  I would suggest if you haven’t done it, and you like to try new things, look at your State’s visitor website and you should be able to request or look at on the website an event calendar.  I previously had one for Wisconsin, Florida and now Texas.  It’s a great tool to check out all the local activities and it allows you to get out of the house and do something fun, instead of watching TV, cleaning the house, or sitting on the computer all weekend.  And it supports the local businesses in these towns, it’s good for everyone.

I am already deciding what to schedule for next week, because I’m not going to let myself get in the same rut I did this week.  I will say that one really positive thing I am doing is walking every morning.  At first I thought I was going to die, but actually it’s not so bad, it’s invigorating and I’m actually not huffing and puffing so much.  It’s a beginning but I have a long way to go.   It’s a new road I’m traveling and I can’t expect to see all the sights in one month, so I need to sit back and enjoy the sights as they go by, just a little slower.

I’m closing with some photos from the Volo Antique Museum from our trip to the Chicago area earlier this month.  Nothing to do with this email, but it’s fun to always look at photos and wouldn’t it be fun to travel down some roads with these, until next time.

The Muster's vehicle

A 60’s TV program that you can still find on some TV station today – The Munsters

Anyone that was a kid or teenager in the 70’s will remember the Batmobile!

Of course we all remember the Flinstones – My favorite, couldn’t resist!

What a Surprise!

In yesterday’s post I talked about the Parade and my items I displayed at the County Fair in the Antiques and Heirlooms Exhibit Hall. I was disappointed that of the 4 items I submitted I had won nothing, zilch, nada! I also talked about me being a “middler” my entire life. I now must make a correction to this post. I picked up my items last night from the Fair and am extremely happy to report I WON A FIRST PLACE RIBBON! Yes, I have a first place ribbon. I have broken the streak. I won First Place. It took a hell of a long time, and I’m going to take my 2 minutes to say again I WON FIRST PLACE! Do you detect I’m happy about this, yes I am! I might be old and gray, but there are some things no matter what age you are that still can be exciting. And when you have been a “middler” most of your life you want to shout from the highest roof “I WON FIRST PLACE”.

OK, enough is enough. It’s out of my system, but I will tell you I finally understand the excitement of getting that first place ribbon. Once you get it, you want more. Can’t wait until next Fair season, I’m already thinking what I can submit. The next step is to get a trophy (they’re the best) so I’m going to rummage thru my stuff I have tucked away to see if there are any surprises that I can find that’s going to help me get that trophy.

I won my first place ribbon for my Grandmother’s mesh purse from around 1920. My Mom saved this for me. What’s special about this and every item that she gave me is that she wrote notes for everything and so when I look back at these items I read my Mom’s hand written note which tells me about the item. Of course when I was younger I thought that quite strange, but now that she is gone, I really appreciate the time she took and the memory it gives me. It’s funny after so many years I can still look at the hand writing and say “yep that’s Mom’s”.

Mesh purse and my First Place Ribbon

The other item I submitted was a Campbell Soup Doll from the late 50’s. When I unwrapped the doll I was amazed at how good the condition it. This was prominently displayed in the case, but it didn’t win anything. Don’t understand why, it is so cute.


Campbell Soup doll

The last two items were also given to me by my Mom and these items were hers and my Grandmothers. The curling iron dates back to 1934. My Mom wrote “My Dad used to curl my hair for Sunday Church and special occasions. Heat in flame on gas stove – test for low heat on newspaper”. and the last item was a button hook with an ivory handle dating back to the 1920’s that my Grandmother used to lace her Hi-Button boots or dresses with lots of little buttons.


Curling iron from 1934 and button hook from the 1920’s.

It was fun to go back down a road that hasn’t been traveled for a long time. For years and years these items have been wrapped up, but I realize now that’s just a waste. Although the ribbon was nice, the most important thing I received from this travel is that these items need to be displayed in my home so I remember my family, but also to be enjoyed by people who visit. So from now on, these items will never be wrapped again.

It’s a start of a new week, have a few fun things this week. Remember it’s NNO (National Night Out) on Tuesday so if you haven’t met your neighbors tomorrow is a good time. Have fun traveling your road, and as I have learned this week, it’s not always new roads that are exciting, but it’s fun to travel down the old roads once in a while. Until next time, Happy Travels


Our road to Eureka Springs, AR


This is a small town in Northwest Arkansas, called Eureka Springs.  It has not been touched in hundreds of years.  I’m not sure how many men will like this town, but this is a shopping haven for women.  This is a great Women’s weekend retreat.  The area around this town is very nice, and they have many events, so if traveling to the area, I think it’s worth a stop and check out their event calendar.

If ever in northwest Arkansas do not miss Eureka Springs. What a quaint town.


A mural on the side of a building in Eureka Springs, AR


One of the many unique buildings in town


The Courthouse in town


Photos of the County Fair Parade

The Lawnchair group – local parades at their best!

Antique Tractors, these were on display at the Fair also

One of the High School Bands. They were at the front of the parade, they didn’t get wet!

What’s a parade without horses.

A must for every local parade – High School Cheerleaders, and don’t forget the Mascot!

Here’s more horses

Couldn’t have picked a better spot – this band stopped right in front of us.

Rodeo Queen

Can’t forget the Rodeo Queen and Princess

Hope you  enjoyed the parade!