It was a Red Hat Saturday

Today’s blog is going to be for Women.  I did the car blog last week, so we’re going down this road today.

I’m sure most women over the age of 50 have heard of the Red Hat Society.  At some point, you probably have seen a group of ladies with red hats, all decked out in Purple and Red somewhere about town.  It’s a great way to meet new friends when you move into a new area.  If you haven’t heard of this group or would like to find out more just look on the internet and I’m sure you’ll be able to locate a chapter near you.  These photos are from today’s meeting.  I was late to join so I was the designated photographer.  The ladies were working so fast and furious that some photos are a little blurry, but you get the general idea.  They were making Red Had Witches Hats.

Busy bees, look how serious they are!

I have to say that while busy making hats this was our quietest meeting, they were all very serious in their task.  You will see the outcome shortly.  I joined this group about 2 years ago.  Most Red Hat groups meet during the week so since I worked I figured that this would have to wait until I retired.  But thru a neighbor’s invite, I attended a meeting as a guest and decided to join.  Since joining we have shopped, had lunches, attended teas, and went to museums.  We each get a month to plan the event so a nice variety of different and fun things are planned.  Today’s event was hat making and lunch at a local eatery – The Fork and Spoon.  In addition to some outstanding hats, everyone enjoyed the lunch.  Now look at these ladies!  The results of all their hard work and fun.

With moving mid-November this meeting was probably my last one I will be able to attend.  Not everyone in the group was able to attend today, but I want to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I enjoyed the time we had.  There is one thing that I know, and I think most women will agree, women need women.  There is a camaraderie that exists that just can’t be explained.  You laugh, you cry, you talk about things that your husbands would probably be shocked.  I have seen many a man who do not have close friends and for them that’s OK.  But a woman, now that’s like a slow death for most.    I have had the enjoyment of Girls Weekends and the opportunity to participate in groups like this – The Rockin Red Friends.   It’s nice to know that the support is there, and that a friendly hug goes a long way.  How do you explain that to a man.

So to my Red Hatter friends, thanks for the good times we have had. Now it’s time to look forward and since I’m only moving 90 minutes up the road, maybe on one of the groups little adventures you will head my way, up to Georgetown, and I can join you for the day.  But for now, it was a fun day, and a fun 2 years, to each and every one of you, I wish you a happy and healthy year ahead for you and your loved ones, and to enjoy the road you’re traveling on.

Look at those Awesome Hats!