Packing, Patio Party and WURSTFEST – Does it get any better!

It’s been a few days since posted anything new, because how exciting can packing be?  I have been a busy bee this week packing up the house and getting ready for our move, which is now fast approaching.  But after working on it most of the week, I’m happy to say that I’m actually much farther than I expected.  We took yesterday and today off for fun things we had planned, but we’re back on track to packing again tomorrow.  Every move prior to this one, I have worked right up to the moving day, so it was very tiring.  Worked all week, and every evening and the weekends I would spend packing, and after a few weeks of that you get really tired.  This is the first time I am not working and it’s really not so bad.  I’m probably in the minority when I say I really like packing.  It’s like putting a puzzle together.  You pack this and that, then you have a certain size spot in the box that you need to find something to fit, so you walk thru the house and then you see it and it fits just perfect and fills out the box perfectly.  So each box is like a mini-challenge and you feel such an accomplishment with each one you tape up.

Now onto the fun things, really how much can you talk about packing.  Yesterday we drove to our new community in Georgetown to attend our first neighborhood party, although not moved in yet.  We were introduced to most of the people in our neighborhood, and I’m lucky if I remember 5 names.  Certainly have no idea who belongs to who as the wifes were not sitting next to their husbands so that one is going to take some time to figure out.  I have to say that I can pretty well hold my own when meeting new people, and joining in discussions but it was a little overwhelming.  The best example I can give you is like you’re walking into the middle of a movie where all the characters know what’s going on and you don’t.  So we have a lot of catching up but from our first meeting with our new neighbors they seem very friendly and open and I’m sure in no time we won’t be the new kids on the block, but feel like we have been there for years, I’m looking forward to it.  So we attended the afternoon patio party and unloaded an SUV load of stuff in our future garage, so we accomplished a moving task while having a very pleasant afternoon.

Then there’s today – it’s WURSTFEST time!  Only in New Braunfels, TX is it WURSTFEST time.  Every time about this year Wurstfest is held, it is a 10 day music, eating and beer drinking event.  It’s a place you can go with your family, spouse, old or young, if you like polka music you’re going to love Wurstfest.  The weather this time of year is fantastic, there’s plenty of sausage and sauerkraut, and an unlimited amount of both domestic and import beers.  They have bands from all over the Country and World that come to this event.  Some bands come from Germany and I can almost guarantee that every band will have at least one accordion player.  I thought accordions were dead, went by the way side in the 1960’s, but not here in New Braunfels, they are here to stay.

This is Wursthalle

Wurstfest has been going on for a very long time, from about the 1960’s, not sure of the exact history, so as always, the Internet will answer that question.  We went this afternoon because after 4 years of attending this festival we do have a favorite entertainer the Alex Meixner Band.  I have to say, in my opinion, he is the best entertainer of the event.  This year he had a special guest, the Canadian National accordion Champ, he was amazing!  Now I’m not an accordion aficionado, but it is an amazing instrument and fun to listen to.  Every year we get our annual dose of the Chicken Dance and the Beer Barrel Polka, two traditions that I enjoy maintaining.    Some of the entertainment are local to New Braunfels and are very good also.

Alex Meixner with Canadian Champion

Alex Meixner Band with Canadian Champion

Typically this festival is held near November 1st each year and the start date only changes by a day or two.  The event runs over 2 weekends, and although they are open during the week, it is only open in the evenings starting at 5PM on weekdays, of course the weekends are the biggest days and evenings and based on the crowds we saw today, it was amazing.  I have never seen it this crowded in the 4 years we have gone.  If you like to hear some good German music, enjoy good food, drink some good cold beer, and enjoy the beautiful Texas Fall weather, then you need to make New Braunfels your destination for a long weekend or a stop over on your vacation in this area, I don’t think you will be disappointed.   As I have stated before you don’t always have to travel far to have a good time, make some great memories and enjoy something different and new.    If coming to attend Wurstfest make sure you have time to stop and see Gruene, and enjoy some good music and there is also historic downtown New Braunfels that is worth the stroll.  It would certainly be a weekend that you will get plenty of good food and some great music, there is not a shortage of either one in this area.  This is a road well worth traveling down….. enjoy!

Mark Halata and Texavia


Another Day Closer to Moving

OK, I hope I won’t regret saying this but I think we have confirmed closings on both sides, our sale and our purchase.  We started out on 11/30, then moved to 11/20 now we’re at 11/16.  That’s it, we will not be changing again.  We have the closings scheduled, the mover has been picked and we will be scheduling tomorrow.  We will be able to rent back for a few days which will greatly help with the move.  Although we’re only moving about 90 minutes up the road trying to do 2 closings on one day, and move is virtually impossible, and we might have done it when we were younger, but not even a consideration at this age.  Once we are aligned with the movers then the fun begins – Packing!  When you are moving yourself and you don’t have a company to pick up the bill, you learn how to pack real fast.  Moving is not inexpensive.  I am always shocked when I find out how much they want and how long it will take.  It reminds me of when my husband paints.  He says, “I’ll be done in a couple of hours”, and I say OK, and plan on it taking at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the day.  Moving is just one of those things that looks simple, but it sure is not, and always takes longer than you expect.  Of course that’s good, I prefer taking the time to assure things are wrapped well and no breakage occurs.

Our sellers at our new home have already moved out so they are allowing us to move some stuff into the garage early, before closing, again, very helpful.  That is the benefit of local moves versus out-of-state.  When we moved from Illinois to Florida and from Florida to Texas, everything had to be packed, and some things just could not be moved, like plants and refrigerated items. We have also learned that some things are easier to move yourself then to take all the time packing and a good example of this is picture boxes.  I remember for our long distance moves I think my husband spent at least 1 or 2 days just packing paintings.  We’ll take those and it will be a lot easier.  Also, having one of the larger SUV’s helps this time too.

So it’s beginning of count down time.  I’m trying to hold off until the first week of November to start packing.  Once I start I just want to keep going, and I think 2 weeks is good timing.
Seeing that we were told by the movers that 3 moving people could pack our house in a day, I sure hope 2 people (my husband and I) can pack the house in 2 weeks – we’re giving ourselves quite a buffer.

It’s a short one today, but I’ll have more shortly.  I have some photos to share in the next blog of the town that we live in.  Just like I blogged about Boerne, I do need to give a plug to New Braunfels.  It’s a great small town with lots of activities.  Keep on truckin down your chosen road and along the way have some fun.  Until next time…….

Back in the Saddle

You think things have changed, you think you’re different, you tell yourself that you’ve changed, but in reality you haven’t. Today was fun, a reminder of what I’m capable of, and that I am good in the business world. When you’re home every day, with no timelines, or commitments, and the most stressful thing you have to do is setup a lunch or dinner engagement, you really sort of turn to jello. That’s the best way I can explain how I feel sometime. I’m just sort of wiggling along, not fast, not slow, just wiggling. As mentioned yesterday our house has sold and some changes are occurring so there is much coordination to do. My forte, I love coordinating. My husband would put it I love supervising, but I tend to disagree. I like the coordination part of supervising, but I did not like dealing with the personality BS every day. Until I became a Supervisor I really never paid attention as to how much people whine and you just can’t make everyone happy. Happy is one owns state of mind, and I have learned over the years that there are just some people that will never be happy. I used to take this personally, but I have grown through that.

I diverge, which I’m also known for. But to get back on track or as my title says, back in the saddle. Our original closing date was 11/30, but all has been changed and now moved up to 11/19. Now that date seems a lot closer but is really 2 weeks. We will have a very busy week and it will be a short week as Thursday is Thanksgiving. I think we’re pretty much going to miss Thanksgiving this year, as that day I think will be a painting day in our new home.

So what was fun today were all the calls, and emails, and setting up appointments and coordinating with two Title companies, and two realtors, while making sure all is coordinated with the other buyer and seller. This is me in my world that I still do enjoy. It’s nice to know how quickly it all comes back. This is great to know because although I won’t be going back to work in the near future, it’s like riding a bike or getting back in the saddle, with little effort I’ll be able to take on a new position with the same zest and zeal I had. So with today’s activities nearly completed, I’m going to set aside my computer, go back to reading this really good book I’m almost done with, and wonder what type of position I will look for when I decide to get back into the saddle. Until that time, we have a lot change coming up; will be getting my exercise packing and 11/19 will be here before we know it. Enjoy your travels this weekend.  We have a wonderful excursion planned and will have photos to share.  Until next time, happy travels………..

Moving On

I’ve been holding back, and haven’t talked about this and the reason it comes down to is me being superstitious, plain and simple.  Not talking about something doesn’t affect things either way, but I guess it’s less of a downfall if fewer people know about that something.  It’s like when you were a kid and you did something you weren’t suppose to do, and you thought if I don’t say anything everything will be all right.  Well, 9 out of 10 times that didn’t work, and usually the punishment was worse because now you added a lie on top of whatever you didn’t say.  So although it’s a strange quirk I have, we all have something that makes us unique and for me it’s being superstitious.  Not going to change, been like this for years, and that’s just the way I am.

So the big news is we’re moving!  It’s been a rather long road already but we’re more than 1/2 way now, so I’m letting it out, and hoping that all continues to go smoothly.  We listed the house in June with the intent of relocating to Del Webb Sun City in Georgetown, TX.  We have been there multiple times and we have used their Stay program and enjoyed it.  As a side note, if anyone is considering moving to this type of community take advantage of the Stay program as it does give you an opportunity to stay were you will be living, what other time in your life do you really have the chance to do this.  It gives you time to check out the amenities and leisurely look at the entire community, well worth it and rather reasonable.  After our stay there earlier this year and multiple discussions we finally decided we’re at a point in our life so that when we move to this community we will be able to utilize all that it offers.  This particular community has golf courses, tennis courts, and a multitude of activities to participate in.  Now that we’re both home we feel that we’ll be able to participate and use what is offered.  Although I still would like to work part-time, yes I have realized that I do want to work part-time, I still will be able to join the many activities that are offered.

I’m basically a social butterfly.  I enjoy talking with people, visiting on a regular basis, having a shopping companion (not my husband as that’s under duress) attending lunches and having friends that you enjoy being with and spending time.  From our initial introduction to the community and our specific neighborhood I believe this is exactly what I’m looking for.  My husband, is the complete opposite.  He can sit at home and not talk to anyone for days.  Personally, I don’t think that’s healthy, but he has done it for 8 years already, so that only confirms everyone is different and opposites do attract.  But, once we move to this community I am truly hoping that he will meet some nice guys that he can golf with, go to lunch once in a while and possibly join some clubs.  This we will have to see.

So back to the house sale.  We listed early June and an offer came in end August.  In today’s real estate market, I hear that is a surprising short time, but keeping it ready for showings this seemed like forever.  But on 8/29 my husband decided we’re not moving.  After some discussions with the realtor a deal was worked out and on 9/1 we signed the contract.  Our buyers requested a long closing, 11/30.  So off we went on our trip as it was too early for us to look for a house.  Since then we have found a house, we have completed the inspection and now we’re talking about moving up the closing to 11/19.  I know I am very excited and looking forward to this move, my husband has some concerns, but hopefully once we get settled in we won’t look back, but rather say we should have done this sooner.  I have so much more that’s going on, but will leave this for another day.  Suffice to say, we’re on a new road, we’re excited and looking forward to meeting new friends and neighbors and looking forward to all life has to offer.  I hope we remain friends with the people we have met, we’re only moving 90 minutes away, so it’s not like another state, only time will tell and will truly show the strength of the relationships.   There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your daily travels, but it’s also exciting to take that new road and be adventuresome.  We’re close to embarking on an adventure.  Enjoy the route your on, until next time……