When you Least Expect It!

I was sitting around this week being somewhat bored.  I knew this was coming and although expected, when it approaches it’s still difficult to deal with.  On Saturday we went to a local Market Days and enjoyed walking by all the vendors, but right now I don’t have a thing we need to buy so although it was nice to look, one Market Days is similar to the next, and not that interesting when you’re not in a shopping mood.  After our morning outing we returned home and except for visiting with one of my neighbors for a short time, it turned into a lazy day.

We were invited to a party Saturday night, and as the day progressed and the lazier I got, all I could think of was that I really didn’t want to go.  The party was hosted by our home builder.  I know this sounds unusual, but 5 years ago we decided to build a custom home and we signed on with a local independent builder.  We thoroughly enjoyed the process and since first meeting with our builder, he periodically has parties that he invites all the people that he built their homes to an annual party at his house.  So basically it’s a party that you really don’t know anyone.  Those get-togethers can sometimes be difficult as you’re trying to find something to talk about with people that you don’t know.  The setting is lovely as they have a beautiful backyard and they really go all out.  They have a bartender, very good food and this year they had music also.  So off we went with me not expecting much.  I figured we would say Hi, have a few drinks, dinner and leave.  I was carrying my lazy attitude and feelings with me.

When you least it expect it, it happens!  We had a wonderful evening!  We met a couple that they were in the building process just a little ahead of us in a community not far from us.  They were a very pleasant couple and although we originally lived half way around the world from each other as they are from South Africa, we had so much in common.  Conversation flowed easily and what I expected to be a short evening turned out to be one of the most pleasant evenings we have had in a long time.  We exchanged emails and phone numbers and I am looking forward to meeting up with them again in the near future.

There are many times that I get lazy, and I’m sure everyone does at one time or another, what last nights experience has shown me is that you never know what waits around the next curve or corner and when you least expect something, something wonderful can happen.    So as we continue on our life travels and down our various roads, we need to approach these curves and corners not with trepidation and nonchalance, but with wonder and curiosity.  Life is an adventure, and any opportunity that comes down your road that allows you to meet new people, don’t miss it, as new friends could be there waiting for you.  Last evening has helped me push these blues away and I’m reving back up for my next curve in the road.  To happy travels this week.


What Day Is It?

It’s Friday!    When I was working the goal on Monday morning was to get to Friday afternoon and all week long looked forward to the next weekend.  I used to check what was happening around town and plan for our weekend excursions.  Couldn’t wait to have a day of freedom to hit the road.  Our weekends were spent going to local festivals, market days, and traveled to the surrounding small towns for the local shopping and restaraunts.

I have been told by many that now it shouldn’t matter as one day is just like the next, and you can do any of these things any time or day you want, but I must have an internal clock that has been programmed for over 30 years that Monday thru Friday is different from Saturday and Sunday.  I’m going to have to work on this one a little longer as I still know what day of the week is, and I know the actual date.  I hear that as time progresses and the longer you’re off the days just blend together, so I’ll let you know when I get there, some habits are just harder to break than others.

I have to admit this week is the first time that I have felt bored.  I knew this was coming, just didn’t know when.   I should have gone out and done something, but my laziness won out and as the week went on, I became a little more sad, but it’s now late Friday, and because I have that silly little clock that still is saying “it’s the weekend” all is OK.  We don’t have any specific plans, but going to check the event calendar and see what’s going on in the area.  I would suggest if you haven’t done it, and you like to try new things, look at your State’s visitor website and you should be able to request or look at on the website an event calendar.  I previously had one for Wisconsin, Florida and now Texas.  It’s a great tool to check out all the local activities and it allows you to get out of the house and do something fun, instead of watching TV, cleaning the house, or sitting on the computer all weekend.  And it supports the local businesses in these towns, it’s good for everyone.

I am already deciding what to schedule for next week, because I’m not going to let myself get in the same rut I did this week.  I will say that one really positive thing I am doing is walking every morning.  At first I thought I was going to die, but actually it’s not so bad, it’s invigorating and I’m actually not huffing and puffing so much.  It’s a beginning but I have a long way to go.   It’s a new road I’m traveling and I can’t expect to see all the sights in one month, so I need to sit back and enjoy the sights as they go by, just a little slower.

I’m closing with some photos from the Volo Antique Museum from our trip to the Chicago area earlier this month.  Nothing to do with this email, but it’s fun to always look at photos and wouldn’t it be fun to travel down some roads with these, until next time.

The Muster's vehicle

A 60’s TV program that you can still find on some TV station today – The Munsters

Anyone that was a kid or teenager in the 70’s will remember the Batmobile!

Of course we all remember the Flinstones – My favorite, couldn’t resist!

Vacation Catch Up and Retirement Adjustments

We’ve been home almost a week now, and I think I’m finally caught up.  I find this rather interesting.  When I worked I was a very “like clockwork” type person.  I was my own energizer bunny and didn’t sit down until all that needed to get done was done.  I was current on everything and quickly worked through  whatever needed to be done.  Plus on many nights and weekends I brought work home, and was able to accomplish that also.

Now almost 1 week later I’m just getting to that point of being caught up, yet I feel I have been very busy.  Have I slowed down that much already?  Am I taking more breaks than I realize?  Am I watching more TV then I should?  I didn’t think I was, but why then are things not getting done?  I have noticed some things I am doing so maybe this is what has led to this week catch up.

Sleeping in later than I probably should, but I feel I deserve a little catch-up on the sleep thing.

Keep getting side tracked.  I am working on one thing.  Walk into another room to get something that I need to finish what I was working on, and while in the other room I start working on something new.  All of a sudden an hour is gone and I still didn’t finish the first thing.

Definitely spending more time cleaning the house.  I did take care of our house when I was working, but I can tell you it has never been cleaner than now.  It seems that every day I’m finding myself cleaning something that probably didn’t need cleaning, but I thought what the heck, get the cloth and clean it.  This is one activity that I’m glad I started as I did feel I could have been doing a better job, but there was never enough time.

I find myself walking around the yard.  Enjoying the flowers and seeing if anything needs a trim or a weed pulled.  Amazing how much time this can take up.

Going to the grocery store during the day.  This is an adventure for someone that has never shopped except for the evenings and weekends.  Just like everyone seems to be on a mission driving to work and back, shopping was like this too.  Working Mom’s, busy parents, they went to the grocery store with their lists, filled their carts and left.  Nope, not weekdays, grocery shopping is an adventure and could take hours.  I haven’t yet been able to control this, I’m still in my previous shopping mode – in and out, so this one is going to take some getting used to.

Meeting friends for lunch.  It is so amazing to sit and have lunch and not have to look at your watch to make sure you’re back to work within your allotted hour lunch time.  It’s just wonderful!

Well, that’s where I’m at now.  I haven’t gotten into any routine yet, and I know I need to, otherwise a month will be going by and I’ll wonder what I have accomplished.  I still need to start my diet and exercise routine, and I need to set some type of schedule for getting things done.  Jumping around like a jumping bean will lead to lots of things getting started but nothing finished.

I am still amazed that I seem to be making this transition so smoothly.  I have no regrets about leaving my job, I’m not bored, I’m not sad, but actually happy, and I seem to be totally enjoying “me” time, something that I’ve overlooked for years.  I am so glad I have taken the time now and have chosen this new road I am traveling.  Until next time have fun traveling your chosen road.

A day in Volo at the Antique Auto Museum

This one wouldn’t be bad to have either

Flinstonemobile – could resist the photo op!

A very nice looking Chevelle Supersport 396

Very Nice Car, only upper $70’s for anyone interested,

Munster Mobile

Another retro 60’s TV program

These are just a few of the cars at the Volo Antique Auto Museum in Volo, IL.  This is a far North suburb of Chicago.  In addition to the photos they have a lot of antiques to look at.  So if part of your group wants to look at cars and the other look at antiques there is enough of each to keep everyone busy.  It’s well done and I think you would enjoy your time visiting.

They do have a diner for lunch, but you get a wrist tag, so if you have time, about 1/2 mile away is a fast food restaraunt where you can go and have a good Chicago Vienna hotdog, or Italian Beef. If this is your first time in the Chicago area, please try the Vienna hotdogs, this is truly Chicago.  The place is called Fratello’s and I don’t think you would be disappointed, this is a good lunch spot.

Have fun if you go.  Tonight we were in Joplin, MO after spending the day in Jefferson City, MO and I’ll give you the update in the next post.  Saw some intersesting things and can’t wait to tell you about them.  Also have some photos to share.  So until the next post we’ll be on the road traveling towards Texas.

3 Days to Go…….

I’ts August 28th, and there are 3 days remaining.

3 days remainging to:

set the alarm,

Be on a schedule,

Have to go to bed by 10:30 PM so you can get up at 6:00 AM

No more  frozen meals at my desk for lunch

Dealing with rush hour traffic!.

Home again…….

Didn’t write a post for a few days as we have been busy visiting with family and friends.  Thursday was an extremely long day.  We drove from Branson MO to Grayslake, IL.  MapQuest told us about a 10 hour drive, and because we chose to be adventurous we added an hour to the day.  The drive started out in MO with nice rolling countryside but all interstate driving so no small town adventures, just straight thru driving.  We traveled straight thru Saint Louis and traffic cooperated.  Went right by the Arch and made it to Illinois on track to our time.  Now I am born and lived most of my life in Illinois, but I think it’s about time that Illinois joins the rest of the Country and raise their speed limit to 70 mph.  For some reason they still think 65 mph is reasonable.  After the first 20 miles of looking at corn fields and soybean fields you’re also done with the 65 mph speed.  So as we traveled north we were just going to hit the outskirts of Chicago at Rush hour.   So living here as we did for years, we thought let’s take Rt 47 and bypass the city expressways.  Well the 2 lane farm road is now a busy 2 lane road with lots and lots of stoplights and lots and lots of traffic, so much for the farm road.

Along our route most gas prices were in the $3.59 to $3.79/gallon then we were in IL, and the price is between $4.07 to $4.09/gallon and some higher.  And traffic, OMG, we lived in the far northwest suburbs and traffic has increased greatly since we were here last, yet many roads have not been upgraded, and only a few are under construction to increase the 2 lanes to 4 lanes.  Although that will be helpful, that won’t take away the number of stoplights.  You just get going and you’re already at the next light.  When you live someplace you don’t notice the change, as you deal with it every day, but when you’re away for a few years and come back, it is definitely noticeable.  We are looking to going back to our small town traffic issues.

We have been visiting with family and friends and last night enjoyed a party held by my husband’s previous boss and owner of the last company he worked at here in IL.  Although I didn’t know the people very well, it was still enjoyable and I know my husband really had a good time seeing many of these people as it’s been 9 years since our last attendance to this party.  The hosts have a beautiful home and they throw a great party, very nice and very well done.

Today we will be off to visit Lake Geneva, which is just over the WI border.  We used to boat on this lake but it has been at least 10 years since we were there, so we are looking at visiting and seeing the changes.  Lake Geneva is a cute small town with quaint shops and many restaurants so looking forward to a nice afternoon, and the weather is just wonderful, cool and sunny, what I remember as a nice Fall day in the Midwest.  Have always liked this time of year, and being here reinforces this, regrettably the trees are not turning color yet, just a little too early.

Many friends and family to visit this week, so we will be out and about for the next few days.  Exciting for us, but probably not for you, so will catch up with you when we get back on the road to traveling home.