And Now it’s One!

Back in June when I gave my notice my last day, August 31st,  seemed like forever.  Actually I gave notice on my birthday, I thought that would be memorable.  So when my next birthday comes around I’ll be looking back over the past year and either be excited and satisfied on all that I did and all that was accomplished, or I could look back and say what the hell did I do.  If it happens to be the second option, believe me by my next birthday I’ll be back working becuase that means retiring is just not for me, but at least I will be able to say I tried it, and won’t ever have to wonder what I was missing as I will know.  But on the other hand if the first option is the one that happens then I will probably say it’s been the best thing I ever did, and figure out how it can be guaranteed to be continued.

Had a nice luncheon at work today, really enjoyed the time and it was nice that almost everyone showed up, sadly some could not make it.  I know some will be very happy that I’m leaving, even some in my own department, but I certainly won’t be loosing sleep over it.  And I sure hope for some I’ll be missed.  I’ve worked hard, and probably along the way I pissed somebody off, but it was never intentional and it was only my drive and work ethics to get the job done and meet the commitments I was obligated to meet.  Problem is not everyone is on the same page at the same time and everyone can’t agree with each other all the time so at  some time I have either hurt or upset someone, and believe me it’s been the other way too, for those times I’m truely sorry.  There have been some real challenges, but also some fun.  We have had some good laughs but most have been offset with extreme demands and tight deadlines.  And yes we have had drama, oh the drama.  When in an office envirnoment is there not drama, and believe me we have had our share.  I know I have grown with this position, or it’s just old age, but either way I feel I can and will be ready to take on more, if I had to.  One thing I know I’m tired of is the long hours, tired of having so much work that it requires working nights and weekends, after 34 years in the profession I’m truely burned out.  I was in the Purchasing field and I’m really tired of having to take care of everybody.  If it wasn’t a part shortage, it was too high of  a price, or the parts weren’t there on time or the quality wasn’t good enough, and on and on and on.  So what the quoted delivery time was 6 weeks, we need it in 3, push the supplier, come on we can’t plan better than that!

Well, after tomorrow, that will be my past life.  It was a good career, and although I’ve had enough I must have enjoyed it otherwise I wouldn’t have done it for as long as I did.  I guess the only regret I have looking back at my work years is that I didn’t have the confidence in myself sooner to take the step into Management.   I was a “doer” for so long that by the time I took the step it was very hard.  But for all of those years being the employee, when I became a Manager I tried very hard to honor all those things I liked and didn’t like in my bosses and I tried to use that experience to the best of my abilities.  I hope the employees I had feel they could have done worse.   I want to thank my husband Fred and my last boss, Mike, who saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and was willing to give me the chance to move up and try, I will always be grateful.

So the curtain comes down on this portion of my life and I’m waiting in the wings for the next set of curtains to open, so  I see the new road I’ll be  traveling down.  The next post will be from the road and hopefully I’ll throw in some photos.  Until the next time………


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